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Monday, 29 July 2013

Hasil kerja kami !


After critical thinking about what my group want to do for Career Guidance subject, we came up this project idea. 

we want to makes a home decoration from a plastic spoon and there is the products we have made it.

1. Decorative Mirror
2. Chandeliers 
3. Candle Holder

At last, we made it ! three item per day.. wallah, even its a little bit hard but we can manage it. 
Thanks to my precious friends a.k.a my members in my group.

here some pictures we took it before, during and after the process making of our product..

have a look at it guys :::

before and after spray 

before and after spray 
candle holder
decorative mirror

chandeliers  !

here we are after final presentation :-

with the last presentation, we are done for this subject ! jyeahh.. akhirnya berjaya jugak kami dengan hasil produk yang dibuat.
komen dari judges juga tak mengecewakan..

"Your product is really good, now your company(hotdeco corp.) definitely can start your business " said my lecturer.

well ladies ~  bersusah- susah dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian.

The important things is when everyone is putting an effort toward it, sure good results will come to you.

okelah, this is what happening in my second shortsem now.

hope you guys do well in your lifes ~


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